PRINCESS has gone through a major transformation. From being a fun little girl playing & frolicking around, she has grown into a serious business woman & is working tirelessly for the success of her beloved community.

All meme tokens today are launched with the same idea - create a token & list it publicly for people to trade in an effort to make profits. People who really make significant profits with these tokens are the creators, who have large chunks of tokens stashed away, and a few really early investors, who happen to buy during or pre-launch by some stroke of luck. Most other investors are left waiting and holding their bags for the longest time, if not forever.

PRINCESS does not want to be a part of the crowd and wants to use the trend started by meme coins as a real opportunity to make life-changing gains for her community. She is starting the $100 to $500,000 campaign to change lives of her crowdfunding heroes. Before you dismiss the idea, read on to find out about the PRINCESS $100 to $500,000 plan and invest only if you think it is possible.

The No BS PRINCESS $100 to $500k plan

PRINCESS is looking for exactly 2,167 crowdfunding heroesWhy 2,167 ?

PRINCESS has a total supply of 90,319,590,000 (~90B) tokens. As a part of her crowdfunding campaign, she is going to allocate 60% of the total supply to her crowdfunding heroes. 60% of 90,319,590,000 is 54,191,754,000 which divided by 2,167 is 25,007,731 i.e., ~25M tokens.

Why is getting 25M tokens significant?

On the 1st of every month, PRINCESS is going to distribute 2.5% of buy/sell tax to 3 lucky draw winners (starting 1st October 2023). Eligibility criteria for the lucky draw is to hold 25M tokens for 20 continuous days in a single wallet before the 1st of the next month. Though 2.5% looks like a small percentage, it's can be a huge number for successful meme tokens. Let's take the case of some of the famous meme tokens to understand the math -

Example 1: PEPE - Since launch, PEPE has had average daily transaction value of ~$240M which translates to a ~$7.2B monthly transaction value. 2.5% of $7.2B is ~$180M which divided by 3 is ~$60M.

Example 2: PEPE2.0 - Since launch, PEPE2.0 has had average daily transaction value of ~$16.9M which translates to a ~$507M monthly transaction value. 2.5% of $507M is ~$12.7M which divided by 3 is ~$4.2M.

Example 3: LADYS - Since launch, LADYS has had average daily transaction value of ~$16.4M which translates to a ~$491M monthly transaction value. 2.5% of $491M is ~$12.3M which divided by 3 is ~$4.1M.

Although PRINCESS is confident that with the support of her loyal community, she can not only match but beat the daily & monthly transaction values of any of these successful meme tokens, she is taking a conservative approach for her $100 to $500k crowdfunding campaign. She's considering an average daily transaction value of $2M which translates to $60M in monthly transaction value. 2.5% of $60M translates to $1.5M which divided by 3 is $500k.

Okay, so the gains seem doable but the next question is - what are the odds of winning? Assuming only the crowdfunding heroes manage to get 25M tokens, the odds of being one of the winners is 1 in 2,167. But, an additional 30% of the total token supply will be used to create a liquidity pool at token launch. This 30% token supply comes up to ~27B tokens which divided by 25M comes up to 1,083. Hence, at most, an additional 1,083 people may become eligible for the lucky draw. That makes the total eligible population for the lucky draw to 3,250. In this case, the odds of being one of the winners is 1 in 3,250. If these odds seem bleak, here is a benchmark of the odds of winning a $500,000 lottery in the Virginia lottery game - 1 in 1,468,800. Do the odds seem better now? :)

What's more is that you can continue holding your tokens and become eligible for the lucky draw every month! Also, to celebrate the success of her crowdfunding campaign post its completion, PRINCESS will share $1,000 worth of ETH each with 10 of her community members i.e., $10,000 in prizes, decided by a lucky draw! 

So now the only question is, would you invest a $100 in this once in a lifetime opportunity? Or would you again watch from the sidelines and regret missing another great chance?!

Scroll down to read the crowdfunding section to see how to participate. Also, read the roadmap to see the PRINCESS's entrepreneurial ideas that will perpetually reward her community.

PRINCESS will follow a crowdfunding launch model where 60% (~54 billion) of the total token supply will be distributed to participants of the crowdfunding campaign. The price is fixed at $100 per ~25M tokens and tokens will be distributed daily at 9:00AM UTC. The goal of the campaign is to raise ~$216,700. How these funds will be utilized is further explained below.


  • Tokens will be sent to the same ETH wallet address from which contributions are made to the crowdfunding campaign. So please send ETH from your Meta Mask wallets & not from exchanges that do not support PRINCESS yet.

  • The crowdfunding campaign will end once 60% of the total token supply is distributed.

30% (~27 billion) of the total token supply along with $200,000 raised from the crowdfunding campaign (as ETH) will be used to create a strong liquidity pool on Uniswap. The liquidity tokens obtained will be burnt immediately to ensure the investment is secured and there is no rug pull ever.

$10,000 will be distributed equally between 10 crowdfunding heroes (ETH worth $1,000 each) to celebrate launch of PRINCESS with ETH as a trading pair on Uniswap.

$6,700 will be used to cover gas fees for transferring of tokens & prizes to the crowdfunding heroes.

5% (~4.5 billion) of the total token supply will be kept in a marketing wallet and will be used as and when needed for promotion of PRINCESS.

5% (~4.5 billion) of the total token supply will be allocated to the founders.

To participate in the crowdfunding campaign, buy a PRINCESS NFT from The Original 2167 Crowdfunding Heroes collection at OpenSea:

New NFTs added every day till we reach a total of 2,167 NFTs. Each NFT is priced at $100 based on the value of MATIC at the time of posting.

Thank you for your love & support! <3

Don't you hate it when almost all meme tokens don't have any substantial plan for the future and leave their roadmaps opened-ended with either similar, generic plans or even worse, say that anything is possible?! PRINCESS is committed to long-term project sustainability & success and has plans to build businesses that will help generate revenue & profit long-term which PRINCESS will share with her community every month.

Phases 1 & 2 will serve to lay a strong foundation for PRINCESS's future but since they're pretty straightforward, we will not dive too deep into explaining them. In phase 3, PRINCESS will utilize 2.5% tax to get listed on bigger & better exchanges and on marketing efforts to help increase visibility & price of PRINCESS so her community can make bigger & better gains. Besides this, PRINCESS will utilize 2.5% of tax to hire professional, best-in-class teams to build startups & companies to solve real-world problems. If the required talent exists within the community, PRINCESS would love to hire from within her community but if not, PRINCESS will hire professionals externally to build profitable businesses. By establishing these businesses, PRINCESS aims to generate jobs globally and along with that, a continuous stream of revenue, profits from which will be shared with the community in the form of dividends. The team already has some great real-world business ideas but more ideas will be sourced & discussed with the community to build a strong & successful global brand.

Have you ever dreamt of being an early investor in a successful company & making it really big? Here's you chance, for only a $100!

Last but not the least, Charity. PRINCESS is a strong believer in karma and believes it's her responsibility to help make the world a better place. PRINCESS will use 2.5% tax to make charitable donations across the globe. Charities will be chosen based on votes from the community and the 2.5% tax allocation will be given to one charity per month to give them a significant chance at success. Join PRINCESS to also increase your karmic bank balance and feel the joy of making a difference in the lives of millions of underprivileged princesses & princes.  

Disclaimer** The content on this website is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, investment, or other professional advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks, and you should perform your own research before making any decisions. PRINCESS Token and its team members are not responsible for any losses or damages that may occur as a result of using the information provided on this website.